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“Discover Architects created a wonderful place for my architectural firm.  Their design is brilliant.  It conveys the image we intended; it’s an inspirational and practical place to work; and the design and construction process, and cost, was entirely positive.  What more can you ask for when an Architect works for another?”

Arlo Braun, B + Y Architects

“I hired Discover Architects to turn an abandoned building into our company offices, but I never imagined that nearly two decades later, it’s as timeless and beautiful as the day we moved in.  Working with Mark was an easy conversation and a true collaboration between owner and architect.  What a great experience.”

Jay Monroe Chairman  Thermo Companies

“Discover Architects amazes me with their ability to achieve consensus and accomplish things which often are written off as “impossible”.  Their team has the depth of experience to tackle projects of any size and complexity, and to work effectively with landlord, contractors and the city to get things done.  Mark has a unique ability to understand people, and knows intuitively which design solutions will resonate with them.  That ability produced an efficient design process and a headquarters which is uniquely our own.”

John Giannaula Vice President  Antero Resources


At Discover Architects, we provide an engaging, collaborative and innovative experience for each client. We help people discover the untapped potential that exists in every business, organization, or home and use it to create projects which improve employee engagement, foster collaboration, and encourage innovation.

From Idea to Reality

What we do is more powerful than just conjuring up designs for people, because it comes from a place that is unique and at the heart of each client. Yes, we design tangible things like buildings, interiors, and brands, but the process is the thing which differentiates us from many architects.

We look forward to working with you.

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